In His Rest is first of all dedicated to God and to displaying his glory throughout the stories and teachings found here-in.

In His Rest was inspired by my own journey from brokenness to freedom and rest in him. It was my own journey which caused me to realise how deeply God loves each and every one of us and how nothing else in this world can compare to the rest which can be found in him.

In His Rest exists to bridge the gap between those who are broken and the wonderful truth of the gospel.

In His Rest and all of its content is under-girded by an unashamedly, Biblical worldview, which sees the Bible as divinely inspired and inerrant in its message. A worldview which ultimately sees humanity as sinful and in need of redemption and Jesus Christ as the only Saviour of the world who can provide this.

In His Rest aims to provide a Biblically based, multi-faceted website where hurting hearts and lives can find comradery, hope, healing and new direction. It aims to do this via testimonies, relevant teachings and relevant partnerships/links to other organisations and websites which may be of benefit.

Angela Hepburn

As the instigator of this website, it's my pleasure to welcome you here today. This website is the culmination of a desire and a calling which God has placed on my heart for many years - to see hurting and broken people transformed by the truth and the love of God.

Personally, I am a married mum of three young children; a fact which currently doesn't leave me with much spare time!

Study-wise, I hold a Bachelor of Ministry degree, and am working towards a Diploma of Piano Teaching.

This website is not about me, however, but rather God. It is first and foremost about God's incredible working, which will hopefully be clearly seen through the uploaded testimonies of many people, myself included.

To hear more about me and what God's walked me through, please click here.

Be blessed as you look around.