Welcome to In His Rest - A small space on the web dedicated to helping hurting hearts and lives heal in light of the gospel truth. This website is the culmination of a long-held desire and God-given calling to reach out to and to help the hurting and the broken among us. Sadly, the anti-Christian direction of society, while promising freedom and personal autonomy is leaving behind a whole host of broken folk, who often have nowhere to turn and no one to help them. This website comes out of a desire to provide a landing place for such people.

My desire to reach out to the hurting and broken comes from my own personal brokenness, which God incredibly healed me from. It wasn’t an easy journey and I don’t promise that. Nor do I promise that any and all physical illnesses and ailments will be healed. But what I do know is that God can do for you what he did for me – provide you with internal healing, peace, a relationship with him and a promise that one day all will be made right.

Be blessed as you look around.